Sanskrit Spiritual Vocab Book


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Inside the Book

Each word is provided in the English language first, then it's meaning alongwith it's pronounciation and it's use in a sentence is provided to the learner.
Fourth, an appropriate example is given to understand it's implications.

Here is an 'Example' given of the word 'Atma' or 'Soul'.

Understanding the implications of the word helps the learner in using the concept in various disciplines such as art, philosophy and even using it as a foundation to introduce more concepts in designing an apparel or even a room.

Inside the Book

'ADHYATMA' in the English language is called 'SPIRITUALITY'.

Right here is explained the meaning of the word 'SPIRITUALITY'.
As 'Spirituality is called 'ADHYATMA', we further break the word ' 'ADHYATMA = ADHI + ATMA'.

ADHI means knowledge and ATMA means soul.
Therefore, Spirituality means the 'The Knowledge of the Soul'.

Other Details

No. of Pages: 134
Color BG: Purple (Light)
Language : English
Index: Yes
Contains per word:
* Meaning in English language
* Use in a Sentence
* Pronounciation/s
* the context in which the word is used
* Example

The book contains the most important words one must know as one commences one's Spiritual Awakening Journey. 
The words along with the meaning and the context in which the words are used along with examples, help one understand the correct interpretation of teachings of the Mystics from Ancient India.
This spiritual wisdom is beyond all differences arising out of religion, color and nationality.

I can't wait for you to join me on this journey

-Kashish G


“I must congratulate you for this great effort to simplify the complex. It was very insightful to know the meanings of the words used in spiritual texts”  

Dr. Priya Gupta (parent) , University of Delhi

“This book will help beginners to enjoy and understand terms & start their journey towards Spiritual Life'.”  

Dr. O P Monga (grandparent) , University of People, California USA